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 Very Fast & Quick Money Making Ways (poor or not)

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PostSubject: Very Fast & Quick Money Making Ways (poor or not)   Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:58 pm

1. Woodcutting Yews can help and come in handy. It may take awhile but its worth while if well is collected. I suggest
having a Woodcutting level of 70 or better and a Dragon Hatchet to make time go faster. 100 Yew logs is about 46k
Grand Exchange price and only takes about 10-20 minutes collecting it.

2. Down in the Taverly Dungeon, there are Chaos Druids (level 46) right by the entrance that can be very easy to find and
fight that drop loads of Grimy's. There is always a 6/10 chance that they will drop high priced and valuable Grimy's such as
Dwarf Weed, Kwuarm, Ranarrs, etc. You can easily gain 1-2mil in less than 2 hours tops and the best part, its quick and easy!

3. PK'ing is also a great way to earn money fast. Sure they'll be some worlds with a lot of high leveled PK'ers but thats a risk
you'll have to take! (Hint: try going into medium crowded worlds with mini games such as castle wars or stealing creation, this
way there wont be as many high level PK'ers out there. But be careful and bring lots of food and backup just incase.) If you are
in a high solid ground state holding your position you can easily get around 500k-1mil in less than an hour depending on the

Hope this helps!

- Supernic212
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PostSubject: Re: Very Fast & Quick Money Making Ways (poor or not)   Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:19 pm

Good job on this post Nick, Way to secure your spot as a Admin.
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Very Fast & Quick Money Making Ways (poor or not)
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